At 150 Wynford, our clinic is focused on establishing a distinct difference between us and any other custom orthotics-providing clinics. With an astonishing 250 sq. ft. assessment and exercise treatment room, we're able to fully utilize space and equipment to effectively provide our necessary assessments and treatments. Alongside our spacious assessment room, our clinic has a 150 sq. ft. fully functional on-site laboratory to provide efficient footwear and custom orthotics modifications and manufacturing to our patients. We also have a simple, yet very functional line of inventory of supportive and orthopaedic footwear for our patients to choose from. Take a glimpse of our clinic below or feel free to drop by to have a personal tour!

How KORE is distinctively advantageous over other rehabilitative clinics that offer custom orthotics is that we have a full custom orthotic device and orthopaedic footwear manufacturing laboratory on-site. C. Ped (C)s are not only capable of assessments, they are also educated and trained in manufacturing their own custom orthotic devices and footwear modifications. Hence, with an on-site laboratory, our C. Ped (C) has full control of exactly how they want their patients to be treated by personally manufacturing patients' custom orthotics and modifications. Turnaround time is also decreased as custom orthotic devices are manufactured on-site.

For health professionals

We also offer economical manufacturing services to allied health professionals that wish to dispense custom orthotic devices at an affordable cost. All orders are carefully prepared and manufactured by our C. Ped (C). If you're interested for a sample product, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Once we have you or your clinic registered, you will be able to access our practitioner restricted area, CFO Order Form  to beginning ordering your custom orthotics!

Advantages of using KP Fabrication Lab for your clinic:
•  Complimentary pick-up and delivery services to your clinic
•  Quick turnaround time
•  Economical pricing
•  Wide variety of footwear for additional purchases
•  100% hand made 
•  Canadian Certified Pedorthist technician