A pair of shoe to be considered as orthopaedic, the pair of shoes must exhibit all the following features:

  • A removable insole to accommodate prescribed custom orthotics
  • Additional depth built into footwear upper, insole, or additional insole inlay
  • Adjustable closure (e.g., laces, velcro) to secure rear foot position inside shoe
  • Smooth protective inner lining
  • Broad insole, last patterns and upper width that entirely accommodate the anatomy of the foot (vice versa for individuals with extra narrow feet)
  • Appropriate stability through the outer sole
  • Heel stability via a firm and/or extended heel counter to enhance subtalar stability and custom orthotics efficacy (vice versa for individuals that require soft heel counter)
  • Outer sole that is equal to, or exceeds the width of upper
  • Outer sole with sufficient toe spring (forefoot rocker) to promote normal gait cycle
  • A shoe that is conducive to permanent modification(s)

Pedorthic Association of Canada

The following brands are true Off-The-Shelf orthopaedic shoes, which we carry, that are available for purchase. These brands of footwear may be covered by your respective insurance companies. Please inquire your insurance company policy prior to ordering.