At KORE Pedorthics Clinic, we're not your ordinary old-fashioned foot care clinic. We specialize in custom made foot orthotics, orthopaedic footwear, and most importantly our collection of fashionable footwear. With a Canadian Certified Pedorthist, you are most certain that your feet and footwear are in the 'best hands'.

In addition to our specialty in custom foot orthotics and foot care, we also offer many active and passive rehabilitative programs from our Registered Kinesiologist. By incorporating active and passive therapy into our treatment protocols, we're able to maximize recovery potential and prevention success. 

UPDATE - 02/OCT/2019

IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY. To celebrate, we created some #MERCH for our new AND loyal patients. Make sure you click onto our #MERCH tab above to see what we will be adding to our lineup in the future

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UPDATE - 07/MAR/2019

We’ve updated our assessment room! Check out the new space!


UPDATE - 10/FEB/2018

KORE massage balls with mesh carry travel bag

  • COMPLETE SET OF 3 UNIQUE MASSAGE BALLS - Custom selected sizes and spikes allow for use in any setting and location so that you can use at home, at work, at the gym; on a chair, floor or wall; and during warm up, stretching, cool down exercises

  • PORTABLE & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Includes a FREE minimalist stylish mesh bag for effortless storage and transport. Quality Canadian design that is made to last and easy to use

  • DEEP TISSUE TRIGGER POINT for MUSCLE & STRESS RELEASE - Precisely located spikes and varying firmness allows for a targeted massage that creates a therapeutic sensation to help release tension. Start experiencing comfort now!

  • ENHANCE RECOVERY & PROMOTE HEALING - All 3 of the massage balls can be applied around areas of muscle soreness and tenderness to promote circulation so that you will feel better soon

  • GREAT FOR RECREATIONAL SPORTS & PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES - This massage set can be used after a light workout or intense competition to relieve aches and pains to get you back to your highest performance. Experience the benefits at all levels, skills and sports. Great for hockey, golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, badminton, tennis and more

You can even buy these from our Amazon website. Click here to be directed now.

If you are a health professional and wish to purchase these in bulk for your patients, please contact us via email. Also, if you are interested in purchasing individually with your custom orthotics lab order, please visit our CFO order form for our special pricing.