Custom made orthotics are insoles that support, aligns, prevents or corrects misalignments and improves the function of the foot. Each custom made orthotic at KORE Pedorthics is hand-crafted to your foot type and needs by Canadian Certified Pedorthist. Custom made orthotics are fabricated based on a functionality spectrum, ranging from full control to accommodation.

+  Rigid Device (Functionality: Control)
Specifically for foot types that require full motion control. Excellent for dress shoes or tight fitting footwear, without the loss of support.

+  Soft Device (Functionality: Accommodative)
Specifically for foot types that require pure accommodation or shock absorption. For example,  diabetic or arthritic patients are most suitable candidates for accommodative devices. Requires bulkier or extra roomy shoes to fit.


Custom made footwear are usually considered and dispensed only for patients with severe structural foot ailments or deformities. All custom made footwear are manufactured from scratch (raw materials).

A full assessment including 3D casting and numerous measurements of the lower limb are required for the best fit possible.